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NYC Hip Hostess Event

Tonight I’m going to the Hip Hostess event at Robert Verdi’s Luxe Lab in NYC!! It’s sponsored by Chambord but designed and hosted by Jenn S., co-founder of

I’ve never been to something like this but am very excited about it! I’m bringing my camera but can’t find the charger, so am not sure I’ll be able to take pictures. Hopefully I’ll be able to nab a few.

Full update tomorrow!


Learn To Make Him Yearn!

I’m planning a bachelorette party for my dear friend and needed a logo. My dear significant other came up with the wording and my friend Lauren, over at the blog Lauren Makes, made me the most awesome logo!

Isn’t it fantastic?! LOVE IT! I’m using it on the evite, drink menus, the favors, bags, and a bunch of other things. Having a versitile logo makes it really easy to pull everything together and coordinate an event. Pictures of the event after the 18th!!

lorena barrezueta

I first saw Lorena Barrezueta‘s work on Etsy through her Samples, Seconds, & Surprises shop. I’m usually more of a glass person that ceramic but am really digging her Gourmet Collection dinnerware. She makes amazing ceramic pieces that look like throwaway take-out containers. She’s also just over in Brooklyn, so very nearby for anyone in the area trying to shop locally.

She has three lines – fresh, lush, & classic. I really love the colors of the fresh line but cheeky white ceramic with gold rim is so fun too; a little twist from what you might find on grandma’s table.

Mac-n-Cheese (fresh)

Munch Deluxe (lush)

Bertha (classic)

Take-Out(from Etsy shop)

Lunch (fresh)

Aren’t they fun?!

{images from website or etsy shop}

Turquoise & Orange Etsy Treasury

This treasury – entitled “Float” – was created by beadtwin and I just love the colors. Turquoise & orange is just a cheery, modern combo.

Row 1
rockport rowboats, howard petal ring, fire & water coaster set

Row 2
goldie – resin fish necklace, mambo asymmetrical dress, caged melon ring

Row 3
darby earrings, de pies (orange bag), orange bottle carrier

Row 4
caribbean dreams handmade soap, secret (mixed media), bubble silver and enamel earrings

Art Glass Counters

If you’ve spent more than a couple hours in my home, you may know I have a slight obsession with china and glass (among other – odder – things). Check out these art glass counters featured on Apartment Therapy!

I love that they’re just the bar area. It makes it more of a focal point than if the whole kitchen was done in it.

I think the white looks really cool lit up.

Dessert Towels

How cute are these?!

 These party favors from American Bridal were featured on the Hostess Blog today. I think they’re just adorable. Wouldn’t they be perfect for a bridal or baby shower?

I think the chocolate & vanilla cupcake ones are my favorite but the shortcake roll is a very close second – it comes in chocolate too! While they’re sold all ready to go, I think they’d be really easy to do yourself.

photo of the day

Hi! This is me.

This is my husband & I at our validation ceremony and my most recent favorite photo of us. (photo by Kat)

This second ceremony meant so much to me and little homemade details made it all the more special. I made my bouquet & Rob’s boutonierre. I also made my birdcage veil. It wasn’t hard. Directions to come. The hair flower is by Myra Callan, dress is Sophia by J. Crew.