Hip Hostess Pictures!

I know. Finally.

A few Tuesdays ago, Erin, Lyndsay & I took a little trip to Robert Verdi’s Luxe Lounge for Hostess Blog‘s Modern Parisian Soiree. The space itself was worth the trip!

There was a cool little balcony outside these amazing windows. Narrow but fabulous.

The ceilings were high and the design was amazing. But I think my favorite part was the lighting.

And check out these amazing chandeliers!

The giant window took a close second to the lighting. They were huge with gorgeous metal casings.

And can we take a moment to appreciate this couch?

It was SO deep and comfy. I pondered how I could discretely slip it down the elevator and home with me on the train.

Now on to the real reason we were there… Entertaining 101.

Bite created and served several different yummy bite-size apps. Not that I took any pictures of them… but Jenn’s professional photog did.

This giant square table comfortably sat 12 and was the focal point of the room.

The centerpieces were multiple boxes of flowers grouped together. The boxes were covered with the same plastic scrapbook paper that was used as place mats and in other decorations. At the end of your party, you could send each person home with part of the centerpiece and it’d already be its own arrangement.

The place settings sat on a double layer of 12×12″ scrapbook paper (the yellow & white one is paper, the pink/black overlay is plastic!). The napkins were banded with a strip of the same yellow & white paper. A piece of acrylic yellow crystals topped it off. A much more detailed description can be found over on Hostess Blog.

Three cocktails were served – Little Black Dress, Chambord & Champagne, and a French Martini.

Tim Laird, a mixologist, taught us how to make a few other cocktails (I have video that will be posted in a little).

The centerpiece from the living room –

Jenn wrapped the candles with some layered ribbon to make them coordinate more.

I really dug the yellow acrylic crystals that filled the cylindrical vase (dressed up a bit with a rhinestone applique).

Feathers were everywhere, even in the floral arrangements.

In the craft/decor demo, Jenn taught everyone how to make these cool centerpieces.

You start with a bouquet holder and just stick ostrich feathers in it. I think she said about 50 feathers make it look nice and full. Not cheap but very pretty!

Invites coordinating to the theme were laid out with more of the yellow acrylic crystals on the bar.

The fabulous Jenn Sbranti and myself –

Thanks for looking!!


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